Arm Hold Up

Arm Hold Up


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Arm Hold-ups are the extendable arms that let you determine how much light to let into your room. 

They are available in 6-inch increments starting at 12 inches, up to 36 inches. This measurement is the starting length. 

12″ extendable to 22″
18″ extendable to 34″
24″ extendable to 46″
30″ extendable to 58″
36″ extendable to 70″

This includes the 2-inch overhang. For example, an 18-inch Arm Hold-up comes with one 18-inch pole (7/8″ in diameter) that fits inside one 18-inch pole (1″ in diameter).

This kit comes complete with everything you need to install, including the 1-inch collar and thumb screw to secure your Arm Hold-up, as well as a large camel and regular pin to secure the Arm Hold-up to the wall.

Custom sizes are available please contact us.

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Size (inches)

12 inches – Extendable to 22 inches, 18 inches – Extendable to 34 inches, 24 inches – Extendable to 46 inches, 30 inches – Extendable to 58 inches, 36 inches – Extendable to 70 inches


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